Free yoga session kicks off Living Smart Festival Speers Point on September 23

SUITED FOR ALL: Jen Parker, of Whole Living, says an outdoor yoga session at Speers Point Park as part of Lake Macquarie City Council’s Living Smart Festival this weekend will cater to allcomers. Picture: SuppliedA little bit of yogais something we could all benefit from, according to Jen Parker.
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Ms Parker is co-creator of Whole Living, a business which focuses on helping others livea life of meaning, purpose, intention and creation.

They will take part in Lake Macquarie City Council’s Living Smart Festival being held at Speers Point Park on September 23 between 8am and 2pm.

“We’ll be opening up with a beautiful yoga session for all ages,” Ms Parker told me.

“It’s just a really nice way to start the day. Anything like that which brings mindfulness to your day and allows you to connect with yourself is really important.”

She has seen the benefit in her own life from doing yoga each day and is keen to share the message with as many people in the community as possible.

The 8am session will cater to all ages and abilities and people can just turn up with or without their own mat.

“The session will go for about and hour and we’ll be hanging around after if anyone has any questions,” Ms Parker said.

“This is something that is suitable for children, elderly people, mums. We really encourage everyone to get involved. It’s going to be very gentle and more focused on your inner journey rather than the physical journey, about connecting with your breath and your body.

“Everyone thinks they’re busy and I definitely think I am too. I started doing yoga because I was busy. It’s really accessible and I just found it made everything seem easier in the day.

“You can do a couple of sun salutations and call it a wrap and really the benefit of that is quite profound.”

Whole Living will also be running some kids specific yoga sessions throughout the day as well as offering nutrition tips for the whole family.

“We’re really excited to be involved,” she said.

“We’re going through a series of different workshops through the day. We’ve got a couple of kids’ yoga sessions where we’ll teach the kids about breath and movement and stillness and how to combine them all, so it will be really interactive and suitable for all ages.

“We’ll also show people how easy it is to make your kids something that’s healthy and also delicious and nutritious. “

JUICE FOR HEALTHNaturopathPeter Mullen, from Mullen Natural Health Centre, is going to be offering some healthy food tips for spring.

This week he shared with me three reasons why juicing is your secret health weapon.

He told me it resets your metabolism, which in turncan kickstart fat loss.

It also reduces your appetite and can help clear your mind.

“Juicing helps to establish better portion control in the long-term and eliminates the pattern of comfort eating,” Mr Mullen said.

“Having a break from food is not just a physical reset, it’s also a mental one. Juicing helps you feel in control and makes the process of changing habits more achievable.”

Stay tuned for more tips through spring.

JUICE UP: Combine fresh fruit and vegetables for some delicious and nutritious juices with benefits for the whole family. Picture: Mullen Natural Health Centre

Renee Valentine is a writer, qualified personal trainer and mother. [email protected]苏州夜总会招聘.au.